The Days of My Life

In the past couple of weeks, between the Life Action Ministries Summit Conference at church and well, just LIFE, I have really had to stop and take stock of a lot of things.

1. CLUTTER. Yep – I’m a messie, born and raised. Despite my U.S. Marine Corps drill instructor father’s and Queen Martha mother’s best efforts, I have always had more CLUTTER than a good flea market. Really. I love collections. And I married a collector. We now have two households of collections – gathered for 34 years, and 2 little girls who love collecting. So – my life is CLUTTERED! But it isn’t just the stuff of our house that’s got my cluttered up – it’s my thought life and my attitude…

2. HABITS. Oh yuk. I’m not just talking about my Starbucks stalking or leaving empty cups on the tables – but there are too many habits that have led me to start a lot of things and leave them unfinished, and to approach my days with this attitude that what I do at home doesn’t really matter cuz nobody pays attention, or seems to pay attention according to my thinking. Again – there’s that idea about “thoughts”…

3. SCHEDULES. I’m the best schedule maker in the world, but not so much the best schedule KEEPER. Ask Roy. Although he would say it in a way to still keep me in the best light (cuz that’s how he talks about me), he knows that I am forever making lists and charts and then giving up on them a week later. sigh. It’s embarrassing to admit that my beautifully prepared schedules are so often unused – and the time I spend building them is so often wasted.

4. TIME. Here’s where the 3 previous items have to come into alignment, from the disarray and disorganized way of life I’ve been living for far too long. I have been living under the premise that TIME is MY OWN. That I own the time I’m given and that it doesn’t matter what I do with it.


Where in the WORLD did I adopt such a ridiculous idea and make it a sort of life statement??? I can tell you – it was years and years ago and contributed to much of my clutter, much of my bad habits, and most of my scheduling problems. Byt why? I don’t know yet, but I’m on a mission to discover a way to overcome this mind-numbing, body-stilling way of living – which isn’t really living – and GET ON WITH IT.

Know what I mean?

I’m not just making some crazy declaration hoping nobody reads this. As I’ve shared before my struggle with eating and food addiction, I know it’s something I have to continue to process and work through. I can already see and feel mental changes (contributing to some physical changes) because of writing about it. In fact, I’ll have a whole new QUEEN SIZE MOMMY page here soon with all the updates and writing about moving into a FIT and healthy lifestyle.

But it’s also about really surrendering my time to GOD, and then to my husband, Roy – so that I can BE the woman God wants me to be and USE the time He has given me without letting it go to waste. But that also means writing differently – not just blogging – but WRITING here and ministering the way God would have me. This means inviting the Holy Spirit into every part of my day and asking Him to guide what I say or do, and measuring what I think or feel against The Word. whew.

So thanks for being part of my Blogging world – and for sticking around to see what happens with the rest of The Days of My Life