The Spirit of the Cup

What do you envision when you hear “Tea Party”…?

Is it the image of ladies dressed in formal gowns, using delicate china, shiny silver, eating finger sandwiches and speaking in hushed & proper tones?

A nicely set, cozy table with a chunky little pot full of hot, brewing tea, and a good friend, out on your back porch or patio on a Spring afternoon?

Is it the image of men dressed as warrior Indian natives unceremoniously – angrily – dumping boxes and bins of loose leaf tea into the Boston harbor as a protest for unfair taxes?

Is it an image of just you, your favorite tea, your favorite cup, a couple of cookies, in comfy slippers with your favorite book?

The great thing about TEA PARTY is that it could be all of these. (Hopefully the need to dump tea into a harbor will never rise again…)

It is not about the tea. It is not about the food. Sometimes, it isn’t even about the company. It isn’t about the formality or even the informality.

It’s about the spirit of the cup. Taking time to enjoy _________ (fill in the blank).

A good cup of tea or coffee.

A good book.

A good friend.

Even the right to free speech, if necessary.

It’s the idea that taking tea (or coffee or whatever) means slowing down, sipping slowly, savoring.

Even a cup from a drive-thru before you hit rush hour can bring that moment of “Ahhhhhhh…..” when your soul just stops and smells the roses…

So, today – I invite you to enjoy the spirit of the cup. Whatever, wherever, and with whomever you may be…

‘Tis good for the soul.