Things I Love Thursday: Mommy Homework!

TILT Yes, I am a mom and a college student. But that’s not the kind of homework I’m talking about. I’m not even talking about the laundry or dishes or the other kind of work mommies so often do! I’m talking about Cindy Rushton’s Mommy Homework!

I have been a big fan of Cindy Rushton‘s for a couple of years now. I found her when I first came home from working full time and wanted some online Christian resources and networks. CSAHM (Christian Stay at Home Moms) and MOF (Moms of Faith) were the first two network places I found where I could interact with other moms and find good fellowship.

Then, I found Cindy Rushton. She is a little Christian lady from Alabama, with a sweet Southern drawl, who has so much valuable information and resources to offer Christian women, I don’t think I could write all about it in one post. From Homeschooling and Homekeeping, to Ministry (whether to your husband, children or as a family), Marriage and Motherhood – Cindy covers a wide range of aspects for every Christian woman’s life.

Ebooks, Audios, Workshops, and more – you can find just about anything you might want in a format that fits your busy life! “Sets” that include coordinating audio and printable worksheets. Seminars and “Ultimate” conferences that provide so much valuable information, and free weekly seminars from speakers like Molly Evert, who really spoke to my heart yesterday about Protecting my Marriage!

One of my favorite things to do is Mommy Homework. Cindy posts a question or series of questions and asks for her readers’ input, giving you credit to purchase items from her online store. Essentially, all the interaction and networking you do at your favorite sites is enjoyable – but Cindy makes it profitable (and not just monetarily).

The Mommy Homework questions cover a broad range of topics. Sometimes, I have had nothing to contribute and just gleaned from what other women have written. Other times, I’ve had things to share, and she has given me “credit” that accumulated to the point that I was just able to enroll in her Talk-A-Latte Mommy Club for a whole year!

I am SO thrilled!!! Where else can you do homework and get those kind of rewards???

Not only is the interaction great – and I learn things as I’m doing my “homework” – I’m also able to access some wonderful Christian, godly resources that have really benefited my life already, and sometimes for FREE!

Because she has such great stuff, I am an affiliate for Cindy Rushton’s products. However, NONE of these links include my affiliate information. I just really love Mommy Homework!

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  1. Sherry says:

    Oh, cool! Congratulations on your getting the membership! I have been to her site, but it has been a long time. I’m going to check it out again. 😀

    Have a great day!

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