THM A Refreshing Drink Recipe *Edited*

I shared in previous posts about starting the Trim Healthy Mama plan of eating. It is not just another low carb diet, but rather a balance between protein + fat and protein + carbohydrates. I wanted to share a quick update and Two drink recipes that are keeping me happy!

You can read my most recent update here.

THM GGMS & The Shrinker

So one of the ways I am really fighting cravings and staving off hunger is by making a couple of the popular drink recipes shared in the Trim Healthy Book and community.

Today I am sharing MY version of Good Girl MoonShine.  

I find the GGMS to be so refreshing in the afternoon with lots of ice. There are all kinds of varieties floating around (look them up on Pinterest) but I have found my “sweet spot” with this version:

My Good Girl Moonshine

THM Good Girl Moonshine

Yield: 1 quart (meant to be sipped thru a day)


  • 1-2 raspberry zinger tea bags
  • 1-2 hibiscus tea bags
  • 1-2 Tbsp Apple Cider vinegar (with the mother)
  • 1/2 - 1 tsp ground ginger
  • Pinch of Sweet Blend (THM product)
  • Water
  • Ice Cubes
  • a 1 Quart jar (with a sipper lid - I got mine at Target!)


  1. Brew tea first. (I brew a large cup of tea first. I use the largest cup setting on my keurig, steep both teabags for 3-4 minutes, remove teabags and fill with cold filtered water.)
  2. After allowing tea to come to room temp (or colder), I get my quart jar and add my ACV, ginger, and Sweet Blend. I swirl it around to mix it. (Note: Start with the smaller amounts first and adjust to your taste).
  3. I pour my cooled tea into the quart jar and swirl again to mix.
  4. Add ice cubes (I like lots of ice), and fill to neck of the jar with cold water. As the ice melts, you can continue to sip the tea as you like.
  5. It IS better when it's nice and cold, so the more ice the better.

I started with smaller quantities for this drink and have found that the hibiscus tea really rounds out the flavor and takes off the edge that the vinegar can add.  I have grown to like it tangier though – kinda like a berry lemonade in a way.

Obviously you can tweak this recipe using your favorite herbal tea base or blends.  I have used Red Zinger, Raspberry Zinger, Hibiscus tea bags, and some green tea as well.  I find that using 2 tea bags is enough, but some people might prefer 3 or 4.  It’s fun to play with either way, and I love the way I feel when I drink this.  The original drink recipe can be found HERE.

Although this tends to be a caffeine-free drink, I will say that I feel energized after drinking it, so I try not to have any after 7 pm, or I will be up past my bedtime.



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