To Be Thankful

I think anyone who reads this can think of at least ONE thing to be thankful for in their life. Just breathing – for most people – is a reason to be thankful.

But for anyone who suffers – whether it be a fatal or painful disease, whether it be hunger or poverty, or loss of a loved one – being thankful can be very challenging.

I’ve been struggling with consistency in my devotions and quiet time of late. Between the mental fog I’ve been under and sleep deprivation – I have had a VERY difficult time getting and staying focused on much of anything.

But I am so THANKFUL for a God who knows my weakness and chooses to meet me where I am. A God who speaks to me when I’m “too busy” to sit down and read His Word for five minutes. A God who shows me He loves me in the little moments of my day when I feel alone, depressed, sad, stressed, lost, foggy…

He has been so good to me – ever present – even when I have not kept my eyes focused on Him.

Without my family whom I love. Without my writing and networking which I enjoy. Without my tea or coffee. I have a God who seeks to meet me in every moment of every day and show me how much He loves me.

And for that I am thankful…