Tuesday Morning Tea

Would you join me for a cup? I’ve got some Tazo Calm (lovely stuff) or my PG Tips, excellent with a little milk and honey for sweetener.

Yesterday, after writing about cleaning my desk, and then reading Nans post at Moms The Word, and knowing about Bliss Challenge Week 1 at Blissfully Domestic, I tackled the project with some trepidation because I had let my desk go for sooooooo long. (How many “encouragers” one needs is in direct proportion to the size of the project! lol)


desk before


This is a before shot. I had already started clearing it up and realized I needed to take a picture. This is a big deal for me.

And then I just dug in and started moving things around and got inspired and before I knew it (okay, it was like 2 hours later) my KITCHEN was decluttered for the most part. I still have a couple of problem spots I don’t know how to tackle yet, but I was AMAZED at how AWESOME it ended up looking.

And then it just flowed to the rest of the kitchen. All trash collected and out. I think I swept my floor 3 times. I washed counters, cleaned off/out the microwave, wiped the stove down really good, got dishes done (twice) and put away. Set up a basket for filing papers. A basket for bills. Cleaned off my desk to a useable surface and even have room for my stereo so I can listen to my CDs as I work away. Whether I’m blogging, writing, paying bills or doing homework – I have a PLACE to do so now and it feels awesome.

desk after


I still have bills to file. A toaster oven to clean out (ewwww – gross!). A shelf that needs some reorganizing and condensing. And a floor that needs mopped – badly. But considering the amount of snow we’re trudging in these days, I’m not going to expect too much of myself or I’ll be mopping it 2-3 times every day…

The next part of this is MAINTENANCE. But I have to admit – I’m so inspired by how lovely it looks, I’m motivated to keep it this way. I can sit and write out my recipes as I’m building my recipe notebook and the girls can play in the kitchen next to me or draw / write on their Magna Doodles…

Ahhhhh. That felt good – and it was a workout. Not just mentally – but I was moving and that was pretty awesome, too.

The girls have ear infections – and now antibiotics and cough medicine – so having (almost) everything in its place and out of our way means an easier time of laying low.

My teapot is ready whenever you are, so stop on in and sit a spell…


Join Me For a Cuppa Bliss

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Tea

  1. Janet says:

    Sometimes getting started is the tough part, but once you get it organized it feels so good! I love your adorable teapot in the photo:)

  2. Marsha Baker says:

    Amazing transformation! I think it’s much easier to stay organized, than it is to GET organized – Kudos to your accomplishments! Keep up the good work – Blessings! XO

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