Update on The Little Man

So, we think that No News is Good News. The only calls we’ve received regarding Little Man’s recent hospitalization were to confirm follow-up visits and to check and see how he is doing. No specific confirmation or ruling out of any diagnosis as of yet.

Meanwhile, LM seems to have been affected by the hospital stay in that he does NOT want to take a nap alone anymore. That has made things rather challenging! I can’t blame him. He was poked and prodded and manhandled several times in a 24 hour period while he felt miserable – and Roy & I were there to comfort him when he was stressed – but it’s made things a bit more difficult to manage at home.

Next week, a repeat biopsy is scheduled. This will confirm or rule out Hirschprung’s Disease. Barring that, and hopefully ruling out cystic fibrosis, we will be looking at a milk allergy. This is fine – it won’t shock me since I couldn’t stand to drink milk while I was pregnant with him (made me feel sick). However, that means I can’t have dairy while he still breastfeeds, and he will have to have special formula as a backup.

Special means EXPENSIVE.

Nonetheless, God has blessed us with great support and prayers and is meeting our financial needs as well. We were blessed with a financial gift from our church – and Roy’s workplace is raising money with a “Dress Down” week all next week. We are so thankful and so grateful for this help! It’s not cheap driving to Columbus and we were unprepared for his lengthy stay and meals, etc.

We appreciate everyone who lifts Little Man and our family up in prayer – who checks in on us and asks for updates – who leave notes of encouragement at FB or my blog – and for the way God is meeting our financial needs, too.

Little Man is eating like a fiend and pooping like nothing ever happened. He is actually improved in that department, and we continue to do the washouts twice daily to help with that. He is growing – he seems to be getting heavier, too.

I’m continuing to plow through my 2 online courses, but if surgery is scheduled as the surgeon mentioned in a recent phone call – he will be having surgery during FINALS week. sigh. So now I’m trying NOT to freak out about working ahead and getting everything turned in on time – possibly during a week when I won’t be at home to do so… The Lord knows what we need and I’m gonna trust it all to Him.

3 thoughts on “Update on The Little Man

  1. Jennifer L says:

    Milk allergy is a bummer! Luke doesn’t tollerate dairy either. I’m so glad things are going better for you guys. Praying things continue to get better 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Praying for you all. Please, is there anything we can help with? A meal? Watching the other 2? Let me know.

  3. queenmommy says:

    Thanks so much Jennifer! I know a milk allergy could be tolerated – but it would be a MAJOR change in our house!

    Kelly – thanks so much. I so appreciate your offer – I may take you up on a play date (cuz I could use one too! lol) and it’s been FOR-EV-ER since we’ve talked! Thanks – I’ll let you know after dr visits next week!

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