Using Lavender Essential OIl {Naturally Tuesday}

Last summer I experienced one of the most miserable times of my life.  Poison Ivy.

I lived for 43 years without the bane that is poison ivy, and then it struck.  and it struck hard.  For I did NOT know what it was and let it go for 2 days before I realized and had wallowed in all its oily residue, spreading it around and finding new spots every day for 2 weeks straight.  I went to drugstores and bought what they recommended.  I researched and googled and tried just about everything I read.  But relief did not come until I found something suggesting the use of lavender oil.  Nothing else was working and I was losing sleep, so I figured it was worth a shot.  At the least, I thought it would soothe my nerves.

Oh, sweet lavender.  How I love thee.

I can remember applying it thinking “ahhhhh.  I wonder how long THIS relief will last…”  And surprisingly, it lasted much longer than I expected or anticipated.

In my long studies and research of herbs and their common uses, I knew lavender was purported to relieve stress and bring calm.  The scent of lavender has not always been my favorite.  In fact, at times, for many years I have avoided it like the plague.

But desperation and a severe case of poison ivy made me reconsider.  And how thankful I am that I tried.

Within 24 hours of first application, the relief I found using lavender oil on my blistered, itchy, scarring rash was so sweet, I seriously doubted it was real.  And then I realized that the scent was not so offensive, and I actually WANTED to apply it.

The immediate relief from itch was surprising.  The long-lasting relief was even more surprising.  And I continued to use the lavender oil as the rash faded and truly have NOT. ONE. SCAR.

If you are considering using essential oils, but don’t know where to start, lavender oil is a good general purpose starter.  I bought the kind pictured in this post (you can click to the picture to find it on amazon.  it’s my affiliate link so if you purchase using that link, I will receive a small commission in return.)  I bought mine at a local health food store.

It is a great essential oil to use with children.  You can easily add a drop or two to their regular lotion or body cream, or to apply directly to the soles of the feet.  *Some people will tell you that ALL essential oils must be diluted for use on children.  You should research this for yourself.  I have used straight, undiluted (or “neat”) lavender oil on my daughters and it absolutely has done wonders for them when they can’t seem to settle down.  That’s my experience, but if you’re a parent, you have to decide what’s best for your family.*

Lavender is said to be antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic.  It is reported to repel multiple insects and is recommended for use in relation to sinus infections and headaches (inhalation).  Due to its calming properties, it is suggested for anxiety, stress, and insomnia.  It is highly recommended for minor burns.

Now I am not talking 2nd or 3rd degree burns because I would personally suggest a doctor visit for those.  But the “oops-I-hit-the-side-of-the-toaster-oven” burns that I tend to get on a regular basis are NO MATCH whatsoever for lavender oil.  I accidentally grabbed something that was hot last night and didn’t remember it when I felt the itching, burning spot on my finger and looked and saw the big welt raised up on it.  I dabbed on lavender oil, the pain was gone, and I can’t even remember today which finger it was that I burned…  No mark, no scar.

If you want to start using essential oils, I can’t recommend lavender oil enough.  It is so multipurpose in my personal use, I can’t imagine ever NOT having it again!

Have you ever used lavender oil?  What’s your favorite purpose for using it?