Water and Prunes

Last Saturday, we sat Curly down and explained that she would be going to the doctor’s visit with Little Man. We said they might be doing some testing, but we weren’t really sure, and she reacted pretty much like we expected.

All weekend she expressed her fears, cried, asked questions, and we tried to be as honest with her as we could be. We also had to remind her that whatever happened – we were going to be right there with her. And she should NOT tell her classmates anything about the doctor’s exam…

So over the weekend, she also drank lots of water and ate lots of prunes to keep things moving in the right direction.

Her Mamaw noticed that she was thinning down – she gets V.E.R.Y. bloated at times and we know when she needs more fiber in her diet. So we talked about how the prunes and water helped her tummy go down.

As sweetly and innocently (?) as she could, she looked at me and said,

Mommy – you need to drink more water and eat more prunes too!!!


3 thoughts on “Water and Prunes

  1. Angie Walker says:

    That is so cute!! Your post reminded me of a recent doctor’s visit with my 17 year old daughter. She had an eye infection, which I thought was allergies and I was treating it as such. When she went to the doctor I went in the observing room with her. The doctor laid her on the table, put a bright light in her face, and explained how he was going to put drops on her eye to numb it. I was sitting in the chair next to her and couldn’t resist saying, “Ha, he is going to take your eye out.” I got one of those, “MOM!!”
    The doctor thought is was funny……

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