WFMW: A Homekeeper Notebook

I lost the original post this week due to “technical difficulties” which are now resolved – and wanted to repost it for Works for Me Wednesday, hosted by We are THAT Family


This week’s WFMW edition is to share OUR GREATEST TIP. And honestly, being Queen Martha’s daughter, I’ve had access to a TON of great tips throughout my life. But for me as a stay at home mom – the greatest tip I have to offer is


I’ve written about it here before and have spent nearly 2 years perfecting my system until it fit into my life well. When I worked full time, I found my desk day planner to be an invaluable tool for me. I could not only write reminders and appointments, but I tracked my accomplishments for each day and the work that needed to be done next. It kept me sane and on top of projects that needed my attention.

Coming home was a major life shift for me, and my daughters were 2 and 9 months old at the time. For weeks, I just kinda swam through my days trying to figure out what it was I needed to do. I didn’t really have anyone telling me or asking me to do things.

Laundry? Sure. Dishes? Of course.

Those were the things I managed while I was still working, but what about the rest of the house and the rest of my time? I learned quickly that not writing down my appointments was a problem, so I needed a date book. I wanted a place to record the girls’ progress and growth and really didn’t know how to use my time wisely to take care of everything around our house. Throughout the past two years, a lot of systems have come and gone – and a lot of pages and templates have been tried one way or another.

My Home Notebook contains a weekly calendar w/ space for menus, and a weekly overview of all my household responsibilities, and anything else I need to keep track of all in one 3-ring binder. I settled on a flexible 3 ring binder that has given me a lot of stability and held up to all of my errands and appointments. Because it is flexible – it grows and changes with my life. It has pocket tab dividers so I can slip coupons, bills or articles to read later inside and not lose track of them. It’s even big enough for a 3 hole punched magazine that I want to read at some point – and have often turned to when I’m waiting somewhere unexpectedly.

The great thing about A Homekeeper Notebook is that you can use it for the things that are important to YOUR LIFE. You can personalize it – customize it – colorize it – make it beautiful and feminine, or simple and efficient. You can use a petite size, a desk size or even a full notebook size – whatever works for you. You can include menus and recipes, coupons and grocery lists, homeschool planning, or even incorporate work and home into one binder.

Here are a few of my favorite sources of planner pages. Some are free, and the others that can be purchased are worth the investment (in my unsolicited and unpaid opinion):

Graceworks Purpose Planners

Cindy Rushton’s Brain in a Binder

Donna Young

The Homeschool Mom

Whatever size organizer “fits” you – having A Homekeeper Notebook WORKS FOR ME!!!