When Change is Hard

For some people, change is easy.  Something normal and regular.  Something to be welcomed, invited in, and embraced.

For others, change is very hard.  Dreaded.  Avoided.

In some cases, change is inevitable and out of our control.

Take the change in years, for example.  As much as we might want to stay in 2013 or move into 2014 – it’s going to happen regardless of how we feel about it.

And maybe that’s how we should look at change in general.

CHANGE is often entirely out of our control.  We can learn to move through it gracefully, trusting that God sees what we are experiencing, that He already knew it was coming before we had any idea it was headed for us, and like He promised He can turn ALL THINGS into something for our own good.

Sometimes painful.  Sometimes unexpected.  Sometimes not even likable.

But knowing we have an ALL-knowing, ALL-loving God who is GOOD ALL THE TIME, can help us adapt to change with less resistance and fear.

KNOW that change is an inevitable experience in life as we know it.  And also KNOW that GOD knows change can be hard and He can walk us through it right by our side.

Lest anyone should think I handle change with the greatest of ease, let me assure you that I do not.  For example, I thoroughly and unabashedly MISS my Keurig.  It broke down about 2 years ago and has not been replaced.  I have a coffeepot, but not a Keurig, and the difference is very noticeable.  It was a very hard change for me because I could make coffee with barely one eye open, and now I am required to be functional.  This is a very minor example, but that’s why I chose it.  It’s a MINOR change in the big scheme of things, but one I still struggle to work through.  And Yes, I do pray that it will change, but until the price drops drastically at some point, it will just have to wait…

And just for the record, after I wrote this and scheduled it for publishing, God brought me through some VERY. DIFFICULT. HOURS. about two very important, crucial areas of my life in which change seems imminent.  I’m learning that much of what I write about has a message for me, as the author, if not for anyone else, and for that reason alone, writing is essential for me…  The struggle continues.  It is hard to accept a change that feels like a part of my life where God is “supposed” to be a certain way.  It’s about MY expectations, really, and not God’s character.  And that’s where the struggle is…

God is Good.

All the Time.