When Life Throws a Curve, God is Not Surprised

Every day we wake up with thoughts and intentions and plans about the things we want or need to do. We ponder our lists of projects, we organize our schedules, we make appointments and plans.

And then life throws a curve.

Something unexpected takes place – plumbing issues, van repairs, family crises – and sometimes we lose our breath. We realize our “to do” list will have to be set aside or rewritten.

I don’t always react well to these situations. I can be honest about that. I LIKE my plans and I enjoy my schedules when I take the time to make them. Any deviation comes as an irritation.

But like I posted yesterday at Mommies Coffee Break, Jesus – God in the flesh – never saw these interruptions as a problem. They never set him back, knocked him off his feet, or ruined his day. They were still interruptions, of course. He would be heading to a specific place and somewhere along the way, SOMEONE new would need him. His intended plan was always set aside for a greater purpose.

How did He manage this so well? He was God, yes – but He was also living inside this fleshly realm and He had feelings and emotions just like us.

He managed by trusting His Father implicitly for every detail, every interruption, every moment of His day.

He could have been annoyed by the woman reaching out and touching his garment as He headed to heal Jairus’ daughter (Luke 8:40-56). Instead, he taught his disciples a lesson and brought great freedom to a woman who had been rejected and broken in her illness.

When Jairus’ received word that his daughter was dead, Jesus could have gotten really impatient, but He knew again that His Father was in command, and that He could trust the lessons that would be learned in the raising of Jairus’ daughter from death to life.

How often do I stop to thank God for my interruptions? For those things that happen – unexpectedly – big or little, minor or major, that come my way in every day life? Sadly, not often enough…

But God has been working in my heart for this past year, and I am beginning to see the fruits of His Spirit in me.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – I have SO not mastered trusting God implicitly, but I’m on my way there. I can feel His Spirit calming me when I cry out to Him and I can let go of the “stress” and “inconvenience” and “annoyance” that each new situation brings. I can tell when I pray whether or not I leave it in His hands and trust Him to see me through the situation, regardless of how it looks or feels to me or anyone else.

Life has just thrown a MAJOR curve in my family’s life. And while it was surprising, I trust that God is absolutely in control. I can take my cares and concerns and lay them with Him and walk away trusting that HE indeed has GREAT plans for me.

He has been calling me to simplify my life, to step back from things, and to “enlarge my tent” for several months (Isaiah 54:2-3). I thought I knew why – but the calling became much clearer yesterday in the circumstances of life. And while I am challenged, I am not alone and I am certainly not afraid to step into this calling in my life. God has been preparing the way before me, and He knows the details of my life already – if He sees fit to allow this “curve” in my life – I know I can accept it as a blessing and a ministry, rather than a difficulty or convenience.

Oh, it’s still early on and there are many challenges to face, but as long as I keep my eyes on Him and rest in His Hands, I don’t have to worry… God is not surprised!

How do you handle life’s curves?

2 thoughts on “When Life Throws a Curve, God is Not Surprised

  1. Marsha Baker says:

    You never cease to A.MAZE me! You’ve got the right focus – no doubt about it, and God is using you in great and mighty ways in this ‘curve’ that you’ve been handed. May God continue to bless you as your willing heart moves closer and closer to Him and His ways. You inspire me to be a better ‘curve handler’. Running to Jesus is certainly the very best way to handle these kinds of surprises.

  2. Angie Walker says:

    I am on my way to entrusting in God again also. There was a time when I was pretty angry, but as you say, there is a reason for the “curves” in life. What an inspiration you are and I will be returning often.

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