Writing about Addiction

It is not my intent to write – in detail – the nature of my husband’s struggles or the specific difficulties we have faced in our marriage. It is not my place to air out my personal grievances here – and this is not a place that will become a battleground or weapon of destruction.

Rather, my intent and my focus when writing about addiction, will be about MY journey and what many wives and spouses go through when addiction overtakes life.

I am by no means a victor over my battle with food. I struggle to eat food simply for fuel, and find more often than not, I’m stuffing my face with something and realize I’m Not Even Hungry

That is not a free pass to rely on food for comfort or emotional satisfaction. I have to be conscious in all I do and in every step I take, and when I am not, I so easily fall into living a fake life.

THAT is the nature of addiction.

It is a facade, a mirage, a promise that will never be fulfilled.

And my struggles with my own addiction are often as painful as facing the difficulties that arise from my husband’s addiction.

This will not be a gossip column. This will not be a place to air out my complaints. I will refrain – as much as humanly possible – from belittling or deconstructing my husband here.

But I will talk about the pain. And I will talk about the struggle to breathe. And I will talk about the burden of struggling with my own addiction, as well as the addictions of my closest companion in life.

It won’t overtake this blog.

But it is something I will write about in the future.

One thought on “Writing about Addiction

  1. Cleopatra says:

    Hey Debbie.

    The Word says that we shall know the Truth & the Truth shall make us free. Well, there’s some freedom that has to take place in the Body of Christ & part of that is free to be real. Being real doesn’t mean telling all your business, going off on anyone or letting it all hang out but what it does involve, as you have shown, is looking through clear, opened eyes & clearing seeing things for what they are.

    There’s an old saying, “Tell the truth. Shame the devil.” See, we give the devil power when we conceal things, to the poing of deception; hide behind excuses; live with guilt, shame, fear & condemnation, which prevent us from being real.

    When we decide we’re going to deal with something, go to God & repent & determine to walk the path to wholeness according to His plan, now we’re keeping it real. See, we’re walking in Truth & the lies of the devil cannot exist in the face of the Truth of Jesus!

    So, if we all view what you’ve written & will write about addiction, both yours & your husbands, with eyes of Truth, I totally believe that we shall know freedom & be taught, equipped, empowered & encouraged to KEEP IT REAL!

    Thanks, Sister, for being the vessel that God would use to expose the lies of the devil & bring forth the Truth of Jesus!

    You ARE a VICTOR! You ARE MORE than a CONQUEROR through Christ! You ARE an OVERCOMER!


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