You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Well, It’s MY Birthday, too!

And I’m the Big 4-0!!!

It’s a big birthday – one to remember – and one I happened NOT to dread.

My Keurig is brewing my first cup of coffee – my babes are still asleep, and I’m typing in the dark this morning. I can’t remember the last morning I had like this – the girls have been off kilter sleeping since the time change. In October!

I have no big plans. Laundry needs done. And dishes.

My parents are arriving this afternoon – but not for my birthday – it’s for Curly’s VERY FIRST (PRE-K) CHRISTMAS PROGRAM! How exciting! Apparently they have her front and center because she sings with enthusiasm…

I see that there is a light skift of snow on the ground – and it is still snowing! I always LOVED snow on my birthday. It was like a present from God.

Speaking of which – I need to go. Need to have some good Quiet Time this morning while I enjoy my first cup of coffee… Will let you know tomorrow how the Christmas program went!!!

Blessings to you today!