Yummy Summer Treat for Kids! And Moms!

Grandmas are really special, aren’t they? I have such great memories of my own maternal grandmother – and she is greatly missed by our entire extended family!

One of the things my girls have always enjoyed – is that their Mamaw spoils them. Of course! They have come home from visiting her house telling us about the kinds of things they got to do – but always about the kinds of sweet treats they got to eat.

I think their favorite treat has to be one of the easiest to make! I thought I’d share it here (although I WISH I’d thought to take a picture of the last time I made them!) The ingredients are few – but the girls really feel like they are getting a special treat.

All you will need is:

Graham Crackers
Cool Whip, frozen
Rainbow Sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, chopped nuts, etc (optional)

It’s easiest to break the graham crackers into half lengthwise. Simply scoop a big spoonful of the frozen Cool Whip and place on the graham cracker. My girls call this “ICE CREAM” and they LOVE IT! (This treat was discovered by Roy – who found it when he was on Weight Watchers a few years back.) Because of the variety of Cool Whip you can tailor this to your own family’s wants and needs. Fat free, chocolate or strawberry – make it anyway you want.

Last week, for the first time, we added rainbow sprinkles. The easiest way to make the sprinkles stick is to sprinkle them into your palm and then kinda squish them into the frozen whipped topping. Otherwise they kinda skip off the top if you just try to sprinkle them on.

The girls feel like they really get a special treat – it’s cheaper and has less fat and sugar than ice cream – and it’s a fun summer treat! You could easily dress it up anyway you want – or just serve it plain.

***Another way to serve it is to spread a thin layer of peanut butter (or Nutella) on the graham cracker before topping with cool whip. That’s really tasty, too!

It’s a fun summer treat and surprisingly satisfying!!

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  1. Marsha "Nana" Baker says:

    OH MY YUM!!!! What a tasty treat! I will definitely have to try this soon…and look forward to making it for your kiddos this summer too. =) How I love the idea of adding the nutella. WOOOWW!!

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